Friday, March 22, 2013

Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 
Department of Personnel & Training 
North Block, New Delhi 
Dated the 22nd March, 2013 
Subject — Electronic Indian Postal Order — launching of. 
On the initiative of Department of Personnel and Training, Department of Posts has launched a service called "eIPO" (Electronic Indian Postal Order) w.e.f. 22/03/2013. This is a facility to purchase an Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee on-line through e-Post Office Portal i.e. http://www.epostoffice.gov.in . It can also be accessed through India Post website www.indiapost.gov.in . As per RTI Rules, 2012, fees may be paid by electronic means, if facility for receiving fees through electronic means is available with the public authority. 
2. At present, this facility is provided only for Indian Citizens abroad across the globe to facilitate them to seek information from the Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) under the RTI Act, 2005. Debit and 
Credit cards can be used to purchase eIPO.

3. The user needs to get himself registered at the website. He has to select the Ministry/Department from whom he desires to seek the information under the RTI Act and the eIPO so generated can be used to seek information from that Ministry/Department only. A printout of the eIPO is required to be attached with the RTI application. If the RTI application is being filed electronically, elPO is required to be attached as an attachment
4. It may be noted that this facility is only for purchasing an Indian Postal Order electronically. All the requirements for filing an RTI application as well as other provisions regarding eligibility, time limit,  exemptions etc., as provided in the RTI Act, 2005 will continue to apply. 
5. An elP0 so generated must be used only once with an RTI application. To check any multiple use of the same elPO, the CPIOs shall maintain a record of the elPOs so received from Indian Citizens abroad. In case of any doubt, the details of elP0 can be verified from the above mentioned site/portal of India Post.

(Sandeep Jain) 
Deputy Secretary

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